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Congratulations on the Shang Hai Pate Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. housewarming



 Shang Hai Pate Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Since its inception, courtesy of our new and old customers love, the hard work of all employees, the company has developed into a working fluid product research, development, manufacture and sales of integrated services enterprise. The company has 512 employees and more than, senior engineer and technical manager 72.

 In the original piece of office space on the record that we grow step by step the mark, we again witnessed the glory beyond. Today, it is very difficult to carry our growing body. In this blessed land, and Pat's rebirth as the cocoon of the butterfly, is undergoing a beautiful transformation. March 4, 2011, the Shang Hai Pate Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. formal relocation in 3088 Gonghexinlu get (Xiangteng Fortune Plaza), the company will usher in the environment and image of the full upgrade!

 On this occasion the move, the company would like to thank Pat department heads of various departments and colleagues support and guidance! Would like to thank all my colleagues of effort with the company and help!

We also thank the new and old customers, partners and friends for their support, so that we can have today's development. We believe in a "united, progressive, pragmatic, hard work" for the purpose of creating the new office environment, Pat will work with customers and partners to conduct a more efficient and extensive business cooperation with our better, more thoughtful, more professional services, and new and old customers sincere cooperation for common development.

 The new company communication and information:
the Shang Hai Pate Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address: 3088 Gong He Xin Road, Shanghai, get "Xiangteng Fortune Plaza" 6F, Building 2, Post Code: 200072
original phone number change, please correct our mailing address.
Tel: +86-21-56386999,56907999,56908999
Sales Tel: +86-21-56317666,56319666,56318899
Fax: +86-21-56315777,56325777,56389511,
toll-free hotline :8008 -208-209


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