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JPWQ beat up dredge pumps


 product class:Sewage pump series
 product name:JPWQ beat up dredge pumps




 Range of capacity      1.8~1450m³/h 
Range of head  ≤133m
Medium temperature  -10℃~120℃
Ambient temperature   Up to 40℃
Maximum working pressure suction pressure+head of pump≤1.6MPa
Motor data

Supporting power


Voltage  380V
Frequency  50HZ
Rotating speed  2900r/min,1450r/min,970r/min
Protection class  IP44/IP54
Insulation class  B/F
Material pump body , pump cover,impeller  cast iron
Pump shaft  45 steel /stainless stell 3Crl3
Mechanical seal  silicon carbide,graphite,tungsten carbide,hard alloy and etc.

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  JPWQ  series submersible sewage pump is a new modified submersible pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combining many years design and manufacturing experience of our company,
    The whole series of JPWQ type submersible sewage pump is designed as per the performance chart. Products stand out the advantages of high reliable, high environmental production requirement and high automation level. It is far as possible decreases the surface installation accessories, reduces operation noise. And there are many protective devices on it, so it realizes the requirements of remote supervise & control and automatic adjust & control.
   JPWQ pump stands the features of large passage, non-block, and winding-proof of sewage pumps. It adopts the current popular tow-passage impeller, so the passing capability of feculence has been improved greatly. At the same time, the particular passage design makes the pump gain higher efficiency.
    JPWQ type pump is thoroughly painted by international advanced epoxy resin high temperature electrostatic painting technology, the surface is fine, and flow-face is wear-resisting, without scale. So there is no any pollution to water.
    JPWQ series submersible sewage pump has a particularly designed automatic whisking device. So its draining performance is better than traditional sewage pump, and it is particularly suitable for high density sewage occasions (it can be us in pump). 
Medium temperature: T≦40℃ 
Submersible depth: ≦20m;
Medium PH scope:5~9
Motor insulation class:  F grade;
Diameter of solid medium should not exceed 1/3 of outlet caliber, length of fibrin should less 4 times of outlet caliber;
Rotation: clockwise rotation viewed from motor.
Protection class: IP68
Please give clear indication when order if you need to transport high corrosive
Liquid of have other special requirement.
Medium consistency: ≦1.3×103kg/m3

 It is mainly used to transport sewage, waste water, and city waste water with solid grain and serious long fibrin of municipal works, industrial construction, hotel, hospital, civil defense, mine etc trades. It also can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel, paper making, sugar making etc trades.

80-Outlet diameter(mm)
JYWQ-Automatic mixing sewage pump
10-Designed lift head(m)
1600-Mixing range(mm)
3-Accessorial motor power(kw)
50-Designed flow(m3/h)


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