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ZB3A type stainless steel rotor pump


 product class:Rotor pump series
 product name:ZB3A type stainless steel roto....




 Range of capacity      1.8~1450m³/h 
Range of head  ≤133m
Medium temperature  -10℃~120℃
Ambient temperature   Up to 40℃
Maximum working pressure suction pressure+head of pump≤1.6MPa
Motor data

Supporting power


Voltage  380V
Frequency  50HZ
Rotating speed  2900r/min,1450r/min,970r/min
Protection class  IP44/IP54
Insulation class  B/F
Material pump body , pump cover,impeller  cast iron
Pump shaft  45 steel /stainless stell 3Crl3
Mechanical seal  silicon carbide,graphite,tungsten carbide,hard alloy and etc.

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     The ZB3A type stainless steel rotor pumps rely on the suction (vacuum) at the inlet from two synchronous rotors turning in opposite direction to suck in the material to be transmitted. The two rotors divided the rotor room to several small spaces and run in the turn of ABCD. When they run to A, only space I is full of media, when they run to B, there are some media blocked in A, when they run to C, there are some media blocked in A, and when they run to D, space A and space B are connected with space II, the media is transmitted to the outlet.

   Drive selection
1、Motor&fixed rate speed reducer:this drive is simple and easy, the turning speed of the rotors are fixedand the flow can not be adjusted.
2、Motor& mechanical friction stepless transmission:the speed changing are realized manually in this type with thecharacteristics of safe, reliable,big torque,the flow can be adjusted steplessly.
3、Frequency conversion motor and frequency converter: automatic adjustment of speed is available for flow stepless adjustment. Its advantages include highly  automatic, big torque ad low speed .The shortcoming is high price for frequency converter.Consumer's manual should be referred to for operating and maintain.

1、Gap is kept between the rotors and between the rotors the pump body , no friction, long life.
2、Simple assembing and disassembing ,easy to maintenance and clean,strong resistance to wering.
3、High efficiency and energy-saving,low failure rate,reliable sealing and low noise.
4、Special materials are used to pump materials with solid granules,like sludge and sewage.
5、Capable to pump the viscous material below 2 million cp and pulp with the solid volume of 60%.
6、Equipped with frequency converter, flux can be adjusted at will and can be used as general measurement pump.
7、Flange,screw,or clamp connection can be used ,as required by the customer.
8、Capable of pumping mixtures of gas,fluid,and solid materials.
9、Heating&cooling pump is of built-in structure,with well heat conductivity.
10、Movable pumps can be used to pump canned medium,with intake vacuum of 0.08 Mpa.
11、Hygienic safety valves can be set at the pump head if customer required.

Dairy products: yoghurt, fresh milk, ice cream, cheese and etc.
Beverage: beer, malt liquor, yeast, carbonated drinks, fruit condensed liquids, fruit juice drinks.Foodstuff: tomato jam, fruit mash, vegetable mash, budding, jam, jelly, sauces, fruit stuffing, sweetening, yeast mash, salad dressing, pastry, meat mash, minced meat, cooking oil and net oil.
Sweets: syrup, thin cream stuffing, chocolate.
Cosmetics: facial creams, bathing fluids,hair styling flues, hair-dying material, essence oilPharmacy: pill paste, soak cream, emulsification fluid, electuary.
Chemical: fat, dissolvent, resin.

Consumer chemicals:
AES,LAS,AOS,K12,glycerol,sorbitol,fatty alcohol,bathing shampoo,skin cream,shampoo,detergent liquid,toothpaste soap ,washing powerslurry,etc.

Refined Chemicals:
Dyestuffs, pigments,all kinds of pulp,chemical additives,adhesives,silicone oil,leather oil, a variety of colloidal materiale,etc.

Chocolate,concentrated milk,yoghourt,honey,syrup,cane suger,tomato juice,concentrated juice,jam,ice cream,milk,yeast slurry,meat slurry,jelly,condiment,lees,soybean protein,flour slurry,etc.

paper making:
Polyacrylamide,calcium carbonate,starch paste,carboxyl starch paste,rosin,rosin size,paper pulp,filling,dry strength agent,wet strength agent,sizing agent,filtering agent,antifoaming agent,spreading,water treatment chemicals,etc.

Chemical fiber:
Pectic slurry,PVA,vinylon slurry,acrylic slurry,ammonia slurry,polyester slice,terylene,polypropylene fiber,rayon,functional fiber,etc.

Ointments extractum,medicine latex,pill paste,syrup,healthcare products,drugs,etc.

Paint,dope,printing ink,insulating paint,resin,additives and assistants,organic solvent,etc.

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