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XZ Vacuum pump


 product class:Vacuum pump series
 product name:XZ Vacuum pump



 Range of capacity      1.8~1450m³/h 
Range of head  ≤133m
Medium temperature  -10℃~120℃
Ambient temperature   Up to 40℃
Maximum working pressure suction pressure+head of pump≤1.6MPa
Motor data

Supporting power


Voltage  380V
Frequency  50HZ
Rotating speed  2900r/min,1450r/min,970r/min
Protection class  IP44/IP54
Insulation class  B/F
Material pump body , pump cover,impeller  cast iron
Pump shaft  45 steel /stainless stell 3Crl3
Mechanical seal  silicon carbide,graphite,tungsten carbide,hard alloy and etc.

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     XZ type vacuum pump, is a kind of slice type oil seal pump of single class vacuum.Use to come the to divided by to seal completely the air in the container, then obtain the vacuum's basic equipments.

    XZ-type vacuum pump,is a spin-single-stage vacuum-seal.In addition to pumping gas in sealed containers,to obtain the basic vacuum equipment.
   The pump can be used for air-conditioning,refrigeration equipment repair,medical equipment suction devices,printing machinery,vacuum packaging,vacuum forming,physical and chemical experiments and the need to vacuum devices,and other small operations with a vacuum.Can be as small oil booster pump,pump the oil-proliferation,such as the first molecular pump-pump use.
    Does not apply to pump out the addition of a black metal corrosion,to pump oil from the chemical reaction of,containing dust particles of gas and oxygen high explosive toxic gas. More can not used as transfer pumps(that is,from one container to another container chousong)use.

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