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IH series of standard chemical pump


 product class:Chemical pump series
 product name:IH series of standard chemical....




 Range of capacity      1.8~1450m³/h 
Range of head  ≤133m
Medium temperature  -10℃~120℃
Ambient temperature   Up to 40℃
Maximum working pressure suction pressure+head of pump≤1.6MPa
Motor data

Supporting power


Voltage  380V
Frequency  50HZ
Rotating speed  2900r/min,1450r/min,970r/min
Protection class  IP44/IP54
Insulation class  B/F
Material pump body , pump cover,impeller  cast iron
Pump shaft  45 steel /stainless stell 3Crl3
Mechanical seal  silicon carbide,graphite,tungsten carbide,hard alloy and etc.
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    Series IH chemical pump is radial split and back pull out structure, so there is no need of dismantling the pipeline when check and repair.
    Pump casing is axial suction, radial discharge and supported by foot .Pump is connected with the driver by spacer coupling.
    Bearing are lubricated by clean 22 mechanical oil, bearing housing must be filled with lubricant to about 2mm over the central line of oil level gauge before pump operation.
    Shaft seal adopts packing seal, mechanical seal, vice-impeller seal (dynamic seal)

   It is mainly used in oil, chemical industry, synthetic fiber, fertilizer, power plant, metallurgy, food and pharmaceutics, etc .industrial departments to transport corrosive medium without suspended grain or medium which must not be polluted.

IH-Series product of internationa standard chemical pump
50-Suction diameter(mm)
32-Discharge diameter(mm)
160-Impeller nominal diameter(mm)

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