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Pumps for chemical analysis of future trends


      On ShangHai Pate Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., through the chemical pump sales trends in recent years a detailed analysis of the results of the analysis now to be published as follows:

       Chemical pump best features should be: high quality, high reliability and high environmental performance; the completion of tasks at the same time chemical delivery medium is also beneficial to the health of workers; the expected life of the lowest cost; with complete equipment, organic chemical combined into a whole, however, in the chemical production process, the specific conditions of use and purpose of use and the manufacture of chemical pumps made of various kinds of requirements.

     Used in the chemical industry machinery products is characterized by: the performance requirements of mechanical products to be transported along with the type and nature of the chemical medium change. Although the media sometimes mentioned here refers to water, oil or other non-hazardous substances; most cases, however, refers to the chemical medium of chemical raw materials, some very terrible; such as some media have a serious harm (toxic, corrosive and flammable media); particularly easy to produce some chemical reactions, corrosion, erosion, or the role of the media containing the above ingredients in solid or gaseous media. diversified industrial chemical composition of the medium changes, the changes in the ratio of chemical elements can lead to chemical changes in the nature of the media; cause or increase the concentration of chemical media have special flow properties (such as: diffusion medium, the polymer solution, etc.), so often the purity of the chemical medium (GMP, polymer electrolyte etc.) proposed a particularly stringent quality requirements, which are particularly stringent quality requirements through appropriate chemical pump to be easily achieved.

  Derived from the chemical diversity of the media pump out the requirements for chemical diversity, which makes the chemical pump is difficult to become a simple standard system standard system. Compared to other areas, such as household appliances, home heating, water supply, drainage areas, etc. and chemical refining or automobile manufacturing field, not only in production but also in the use of the product in the standard have reached a considerable level, while enterprises in the chemical production, chemical pump, but the technical aspects of standardization work and economic aspects encountered obstacles.

  First, standardization of the chemical pump production and use are very helpful and very meaningful thing. However, high and low life cycle cost perspective, the most economical standard should look like it? Is a detailed specific usage in accordance with the long-term optimization of standardized cost-effective? Standardization is still a rough cost-effective? For the introduction of new technologies, develop new products brought in a long time to recover when the standardization of investment barriers will end? How can I, without prejudice to chemical plants and chemical pumps pump the interests of either producers under the conditions of the two sides of the standard chemical pumps have a unified understanding? Only by strengthening these pumps use the chemical plant, chemical industry associations and the dialogue between the pump manufacturer can answer. Possible solution: from the user point of view, such as with suppliers to establish long-term strategic partnership; at different levels within a clearly defined standard to establish different levels (eg chemical structure of the pump type, vendor, family, material, configuration, etc.), and integrated modular structure.

  But the most important thing is life costs. Chemical pump life potential is not fully tapped. Why did this happen? In many possible answers, one answer is everyone to be sure, because of the chemical pump performance requirements of different chemical parameters to allow the life of the pump can withstand the load size, etc. vary. Chemical pump purchase cost , installation costs, chemical pump when the energy costs and maintenance costs, and so is relatively easy out of accounting. However, chemical pump repair cost estimates is relatively difficult to determine. Because the chemical pump failure and possible damage to the pump they can not by the decision, it is often subject to changing chemical medium is transported by special use conditions, the use of the available, a chemical pump experience, Another chemical to estimate the maintenance costs of the pump often has significant limitations, the estimated results can only be rough, broad-brush estimates.


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