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[Knowledge of] what is the centrifugal pump gas tied to the phenomenon of


     I believe that many customers and friends of the pump is not very understanding of the centrifugal pump and concepts related to the professional name is not really understand, now, the Hai Pate Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and share some knowledge of centrifugal pump, to share with you today is : What is the phenomenon tied to the gas pump.
     When the air pump shell memory, because the air density is much smaller than the density of the liquid resulting from a smaller centrifugal force. Thus, with the pump above the tank surface at the entrance of the pressure difference is not enough to pressure the liquid storage tank into the pump, that is not self-priming centrifugal pump capacity, the pump can not transport liquid, this phenomenon is called "gas tied phenomenon. "
  In order to pump filled with liquid, usually in the vicinity of the suction pipe installed at the bottom end of the filter valve, the valve end up against the valve, the filter is to prevent solids entering the pump impeller damage or impede the normal operation of the pump.
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