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PTL series single stage single suction centrifugal pump


 product class:Centrifugal pump series
 product name:PTL series single stage single....




 Range of capacity      1.8~1450m³/h 
Range of head  ≤133m
Medium temperature  -10℃~120℃
Ambient temperature   Up to 40℃
Maximum working pressure suction pressure+head of pump≤1.6MPa
Motor data

Supporting power


Voltage  380V
Frequency  50HZ
Rotating speed  2900r/min,1450r/min,970r/min
Protection class  IP44/IP54
Insulation class  B/F
Material pump body , pump cover,impeller  cast iron
Pump shaft  45 steel /stainless stell 3Crl3
Mechanical seal  silicon carbide,graphite,tungsten carbide,hard alloy and etc.
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      PTL series (derivate PTRL in-line heat exchanger pump, PTHL vertical chemical pump and PTYG oil pump) single-stage single-suction pipeline centrifugal pump is carefully designed by our company utilizing excellent water conservancy models based on different working conditions of various users, which conforms to jb/t53058-93 quality standard.The motor and pump are joined directly without transmission parts. So they operate smoothly. The shaft seal is made with hard alloy mechanical seal, therefore, there is no leakage. The inlet and outlet can be fixed anywhere like valves in pipeline. Compared with common horizontal pump, PTL series can decrease 30 percent floor space. Beside, they feature smooth operation and lower noise etc. The life of damageable parts is prolonged. In conclusion, this series pumps are favored in market because of their smooth operation, high efficiency, less energy consumption, small floor space and compact structure.

      With compact structure,be applicable especially formodern construction.    
      Pump body: the spiral casing with pipe connecting is designed and manufactured by the most superior bydraulic model nowadays ,with inlet an outlet in a straight line and of the same diameters . Flanges conform to GB4216.5,and are equipped with Rp1/4 or Rp3/8 pressure testing hole..   
      Impeller:closed cast iron impeller and excellent hydraulic model to ensure high efficiency and dependability.
     Mechanical seal :maintenance-free and no limit to rotation direction under the water below 80℃or 120℃. The special  design of rotation seal ring to ensure high seal dependability.

     Directly connected by motor ,complete concentricity of moter and punp shaft ,little vibration and low noise.   
     Same diameters of inlet and outlet diameters in a straight line ,so that it can ,just like a valve ,be mounted at any a position in pipeline .  
     Specially structure bearing using a whloe shaft for dependable operation.  
     The operating conditions of mechanical seal improved by compulsory circulating flow ,thus to lengthen the operation life of mechanical seal .  
     Vertical installation structure to greatly lessen the floor occupation of pump ,saving construction investment by 40%~60%.  
     Perfect design to ensure leak-tightness and long-time operation,saving operatiing management cost by 50%~70%.   
     Quality castings,high dimensional accurcy and elegant outline.
     Motor supplied  by famous motor manufactuer at home to ensure goog quality.  
     This series is of pumps are specially designed to bo mounted directly onto pipeline .Upon installation ,except that the head of motor cannot be turned downward ,all other installation  postions will be no problem .For pumps over 7.5KW power ,it is suggested to use hoisting pulley in installation  and maintenance.

Water supply in industry, cities and high-rises
Fire fighting pipeline pressurizing
Cold and hot water circulation in air-condition
Transport water from far away
Pressurizing transport in industrial circulating system, and all kinds of water supply equipments, boiler etc.

PTL series single stage single suction centrifugal pump
100-Diameter of both inlet and outlet(mm)
160-Nominal impeller diameter(mm)
I-Expansive flow type
A-Cutting impeller for the first time

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